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Herbal Xtra is a  concentrated blend of beneficial oils which is designed to relieve severe itch in livestock and pets but particuliarly Sweet Itch  in horses and dogs with very itchy skin and is an effective weapon in the relief of Orf in sheep and goats.

It  contains a high concentration of  ingredients with anti-inflammatory and anti-septic action which provide powerful relief from Sweet Itch. This is achieved by reducing the allergic inflammation caused by midget bites, negating the itch together with soothing moisturising oils which continue to calm the affected areas. It exfoliates the dead skin cells which exacerbate  the itch and forms a physical barrier to dirt and bacteria, preventing infection but also blocking other environmental irritants. Further relief is gained from the moisturising, soothing and nutrient qualities of the ingredient oils  allowing skin tissues to heal and regenerate. Powerful essential oils contain effective insect repellents helping to calm and provide relief from the nuisance of flies and midges for horses in particuliar.

This product has a high concentration of Comfrey oil and is therefore not recommended for deep cuts or wounds.

Herbal Xtra provides anti-viral protection, anti-septic action to fight infection and anti-inflammation to relieve the severe pain of Orf. It also provides a physical barrier to dirt and bacteria to prevent secondary  infection. Antibiotic therapy should always be provided together with topical appications of Herbal Xtra in the treatment of Orf in lambs, sheep and goats.

Directions for use

Sweet Itch:
Dilute OrlDen Herbal Lotion in warm water and apply with pressure  removing as much dead skin and debris as possible. Vigorously massage liberal amounts of Herbal Xtra  into the affected areas. Repeat this process 4 -6 times over a two week period for maximum benefit. This procedure if carried out in late spring and mid-summer will also help prevent the condition.

Dogs  and other animals:
Wash the affected area with OrlDen Herbal Lotion diluted in warm water to remove dirt, loose dry skin and cleanse infection. Apply OrlDen Herbal Xtra liberally and massage in. Repeat daily for a few days and reduce the frequency as the condition improves.
The bulk of this cream will be rapidly absorbed into the skin and will not be affected by the dog licking it.

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