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OrlDen Foot Spray is a blend of organic acids and herbs which kills the bacteria which cause scalds and foot rot in sheep and may be applied neat to treat digital dermatitis in cows.

It can be diluted at 5 parts water to 1 spray to make up to 2.5 litres of a very effective spray for scalds and foot rot.  It can be diluted at 2% in a footbath to make 25 litres of solution for routine foot bathing. OrlDen Foot Spray is also available in 10 and 30 litre drums. OrlDen Foot Spray is reusable in a footbath but will biodegrade 10-14 days after mixing. Therefore only dilute what is required over 7-10 days. The original solution is stable for 2+ years in the original container once it is not diluted.

It does not produce strong fumes as is the case with formulin nor will it burn healthy tissue.  It hardens the hoof but not excessively so. 

OrlDen Foot Spray has been used on severe cases of foot rot where many previous remedies have failed and has cleared the condition. It is recommended to remove surplus or overgrown horn on the foot, remove rotten and infected tissue as far as possible, without causing blood loss and remove any dirt embedded in the foot in which the infection can survive.  Apply the spray and allow to dry in or in severe cases, footbathe for 5-10 mins in the solution.  If treated correctly, one treatment should be sufficient.

OrlDen Foot Spray can be used as follows to successfully treat Strawberry Footrot.  Tie a fine strong line onto the strawberry to restrict blood supply. Footbathe in the solution for at least  5 - 10 mins and allow to dry. Repeat foot bathing 3/4 times over 7 days.

OrlDen Foot Spray can also be used in dilute form to topically treat other bacterial skin infections.

OrlDen Foot Spray is for for topical use ONLY and should never be ingested.

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