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OrlDen Herbal Cream 400ml

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OrlDen Herbal Cream is a unique blend of natural plant oils and extracts designed to soothe and relieve  wounds, itches, inflammations and skin irritations across many classes of livestock including horses, cattle, sheep, dogs  and other pets. It combines the anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti septic and insect repellent qualities of Tea Tree and Lavender oil, the therapeutic nutrients and soothing qualities in plant oils such as Aloe vera and Grape seed with the healing benefits inherent in Comfrey oil. It is the only cream in the OrlDen range which contains a mineral oil, petroleum jelly, which forms a physical barrier on wounds protecting it from dirt and bacteria, preventing infection and thereby acting to promote the healing process. OrlDen Herbal Cream is a natural product with no withdrawal period for lactating or meat producing stock.
OrlDen Herbal Cream has been used many times by pedigree and commercial  showmen to achieve quick hair regrowth on bare patches from scratching, on ringworm patches, after mange etc, Simply rub it into the affected area daily or twice daily for 2/3 weeks. 

 Dairy farmers recommend our Herbal Cream because it contains no antibiotics and therefore has no withdrawal period unlike most treatments. Secondly it absorbs easily, which means there is no greasy residue on teats which has to be wiped away at the next milking or which debris can stick to . Thirdly it is consistently effective, in many cases where previous treatments have failed.
OrlDen Herbal cream is ideal for cuts on teats, for sore chapped teats, blackspot, warts, for all types of sores and inflammations on the udder, wounds, sunburn and related infections, and in conjunction with antibiotics to relieve inflammation caused by mastitis.
OrlDen Herbal cream is ideal to treat  cracked heels, saddle sores, burns, grazes etc in horses. OrlDen Herbal cream used in conjunction with OrlDen Herbal lotion is a brilliantly effective and soothing treatment for rain scald, mud fever, cuts or wounds to promote rapid healing without scar tissue growth.   
OrlDen Herbal cream is ideal for all types of cuts and unstitchable wounds on dogs, cuts or bruises  to the quick, to soothe muscle aches and strains in greyhounds etc. OrlDen Herbal cream used in conjunction with OrlDen Herbal lotion is a very soothing and effective treatment for de-slieving injuries. 

OrlDen Herbal cream  is a totally safe and very effective barrier cream for working hands, for preventing and healing hacks, split fingertips and cracked heels. OrlDen Herbal cream is providing brilliant relief for people suffering with Eczema and Psoriasis. It is possibly our most effective cream for these skin conditions.

Directions for use;
Bathe the affected area with OrlDen herbal lotion diluted in warm water to soothe and cleanse it.  Apply OrlDen Herbal cream, as required on a daily basis, to promote rapid healing without scar tissue growth.


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